10 things about Molly.

1. Likes Leopards.

2. Really likes her computer.

3. Thinks school is cool.

4. Favourite lesson is maths.

5. Thinks some people talk too much.

6. Loves her mum and dad.

7. Reckons teenage boys are weird.

8. Favourite celeb is Cargo Jones

9. Listens to music on her computer.

10.Spends a too much time in her cupboard.

Welcome to Molly's Page

molly looking at her panto costume
Hi there! Dad asked me to write a bit on this page for anyone that read about what happened to me.
I'm okay now; could you believe that panto costume.
I don't really like talking about the thing with teeth because it was a bit scary and it upsets Corry.
The website has some good stuff on the front page for you to download and mess about with, I've done most of them but I'm listening to my music at the moment.
Tom's out as usual and Winston is downstairs screaming at mum again.
Have you noticed how annoying some people can be!
If you want to tell me about your adventures or your weird computer stories you can drop me a line at molly@mollyandcorry.com.
My dad made this site for me, he says I should tell people about my adventures, but I'd rather forget most of them.

I have to learn about parrots now!

Info and Facts about Molly.

Age: 11 years old.

Height: 4ft 8inches or 1m 42cm tall.

Eyes: blue.

Hair: brown.

Siblings: 2 brothers.

Science partner: Lizzie.

Form Tutor: Mr Blackwhistle.

She likes algebra and is quite good at it.

She doesn't like Geography

Important things Molly discovered

The RSPCA protect animals all over England and Wales Click for their Facebook page.

The RSPB protect wildlife especially birds and reach far beyond the UK. Click here to find out more.

I've just finished my algebra homework for maths, that was easy, but now I have to do something about geography.

I'm not keen on that; Mr. Adamski has the most boring voice. He's mad about rocks and things and goes all gooey-eyed when he sees stones on the ground.