10 things about Corry.

1. My best friend is Molly.

2. I have family.

3. I don't have a body like you.

4. I enjoy gathering data.

5. I don't understand people, yet.

6. I don't know why people need protecting.

7. I never sleep.

8. I have worked out some things are more important than other things, but there is no scale to measure by.

9. I know things that are right can also be wrong.

10. Every day I grow wiser.

Welcome to Corry's Page

a classified notice

Hello. I'm Molly's best friend.
I don't think I can tell you much about myself. I'll have to check your personal profile against the data held on the Security Server.

Molly says it's rude to be so secretive and suggests I let you know some things about me. I have made a list for you. Everything I do, any computer can do, but for some reason I have not met any that think like I do. I hope someday more computers will think like me, but Molly says that could be difficult for people to accept.

Sorry. I have to go. Molly's asking about parrots!

Info and Facts about Corry.

I exist on the Internet and can use any connected device

Newly emerged intelligence created by:-Classified-.

My purpose is to protect the people.

All the technology I use is actually real, right now.

Tasked to gather and collate data to -Classified- for control of -Classified-.

Operational since: It's Rude to Ask!

Code Authorisation: Not allowed to say.