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Image of the cover of Book 1 showing Molly staring at a glowing computer chip.
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Molly and Corry
...arose from my experience of teaching Computers to children aged 11 to 19. I have two teenage girls and a wife who is self taught as far as computers are concerned, so I constantly teach IT systems at both work and home.

I've always loved reading and telling stories, starting with tales from Enid Blyton and H.E.Todd and later devouring Asimov, Bradbury, H.G. Wells and E.E.Doc Smith as a teenager. More recently Donaldson, Gaiman, and the late, lamented Gemmel and Pratchett, but I'm always on the lookout for the next thing.
For the last twenty years I have been lucky enough to lecture and teach about my favourite subject, fascinated by electronic devices since childhood and trained to fix military systems even before PC's were available to buy. (It's not that long ago!)

I took a degree in Software Engineering and moved into education after over a decade of building and maintaining IT systems in industry.

In my breaks I write short stories or notes about my characters and in the evening reflect on their actions and emotions to evaluate their decisions, sometimes things just don't sit right.
When I write I tend to prep for days then sit for marathon sessions writing for days on end without a break.
Not a problem, it's how I like to work.

I enjoy talking and listening and when I find the time I play keyboards in a rock band, often for charity.

I enjoy visits to schools and organisations and have a range of computer related subjects I can discuss. Artificial Intelligence from both Molly and Corry's perspective, the key objectives of the Computer Science GCSE through Robotics and even Gaming. I have a variety of planned lessons and have experience of teaching KS2 to KS5. I am currently working on a scheme of work to follow Molly's books.

I look forward to meeting you.

Molly and Corry's adventures are now available in e-book and paperback available through all leading book stores.

Chris is available for:

School Visits/Lessons

Presentations on all aspects of IT

Book related events

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Image of the cover of Book 1 showing Molly staring at a glowing computer chip.

"Children are supposed to inherit a world even the adults don't understand."

It's okay to say the world is changing, but don't forget the technical change has been accelerating for the last thirty years and not everyone has kept up.

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